What's the greatest driver for accountability and trust?


What’s the greatest driver for accountability and trust?

So lack of accountability is enemy number one for most companies. So how do you boost the accountability and trust, a huddle? What’s a huddle? Well, the weekly and quarterly huddle is a meeting you have with your leadership team. Eventually, each team within a company has it, where you get together the same day, same time of day with the same agenda in order to smoke out the company’s biggest challenges.

Get them solved at the heart of the challenge, and drive accountability around those challenges. So how do you surface them in the first place? Everyone on that leadership team should be bringing their media’s most substantial challenge to that huddle.

And in addition, you should be considering and going through your biggest goals and KPIs, wherever they’re off since that’ll also help you surface important challenges. Then, once you solve each of those challenges, for each, you want to get clear on what actually you’re going to be holding people accountable to, right who’s doing what by when write it down and revisit that at this huddle.

Now one thing is crucial, above and beyond all else, attendance, attendance. amid all the excuses, I’ve heard dozens of them, there’s only one valid excuse for missing this huddle. You’re off from work, might be a vacation day might be a sick day. That’s it. Otherwise, as soon as someone misses that huddle, or as soon as the team skips the huddle, it’s not long before the second slip. And the third, soon as that camel’s nose gets under the tent, it’s all over.

What happens is you as a leader, feel the need to start making managing. And the team isn’t coming together enough. With enough frequency for accountability to emerge. You’ll see all kinds of temptations right big sales call, those can be scheduled around the huddle, big client meeting. You gotta go to an industry summit and travel, you can video conference in from the road.

So we’ve got a client, this company skipped some of his huddles, I came in paid a visit. As I observed the huddle, the first aid held several weeks. Interesting. 17 clients had been waiting to see whether the company could deliver and when it could deliver its product. The CEO had no idea about this. His assistant was screaming and aggressively blocking the leadership teams communications with the CEO because the CEO was hyper-busy. CEO had no idea these were raging demands from prospective clients.

What happened? As soon as the team came together, they realized they had two factories that had excess capacity, resources, people just sitting idle, that they could deploy mobilized solutions immediately. For these 17 prospects. The left hand finally was talking to the right.

See, accountability and trust don’t magically happen, you don’t force them. They emerge, they emerge. If you want a functional, accountable, trusting team, you’ve got to be committed to your organization’s health. And the number one way to do that is with this huddle, I’ve never seen a company establish trust and accountability without something at least closely resembling this huddle.

If you want more details, by the way, and how this huddle works, click the link you see my team will be glad to take 5-10 minutes and walk you through the mechanics of it. With that, I’m Josh Klenoff founder of the Helm, where we exist to help you and your team break through the series of ceilings we all face as entrepreneurs and leaders in getting to that next level of growth. Until next time, my friend

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