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I’m Josh Glenn off. And while I started my career with two unsuccessful startups, I went on to build two very successful businesses. I’ve had the extraordinary fortune up for 15 years working with over 100 CEOs and their leadership teams to scale up their companies.

Marshall Goldsmith, perhaps the world’s most famous CEO, coach, at least when it comes to achieving the measurable improvement, was my mentor, then my partner, and recently passed the torch to me after retiring, Marshall and I built a multinational multi-million dollar coaching franchise, focus mostly on fortune 500 CEOs. Well, I sold that business in order to return to my more entrepreneurial roots, and I partnered with the billionaire co-founder of Priceline, Jeff Hoffman, who founded not just one multibillion-dollar company, but a second, you bid.

And together, Jeff and I have focused on helping smaller and mid-sized companies scale their businesses to break through the series of ceilings they face. Things were not always this clear. And this rosy. As I mentioned, when I started my career, I stumbled a lot. It was scratching my head figuring out how the heck do you take a small business and build it up, and I was stagnating, I was spinning my wheels, I did not know how to get it to that next level.

I was fortunate, fortunate to discover an extraordinary system, And I had people guiding me who had from the ground up skilled, small and mid-sized companies.

I want to share with you this scaling up platform for visionaries. This platform will help you get much more of what you want out of your company and starting immediately. This platform is going to condense into a few months, will could otherwise easily take you years and years, years of trial and error and false starts. Many many, many, many CEOs have said this is the single greatest thing to have ever happened to them and their companies.

If you want to solve the problems that are keeping you up till the wee hours of the morning; if you want to stop feeling like a stranger in a strange land by fulfilling your biggest goals, personal and business goals. If you want to actually surround yourself with people who get you this platform is going to give you the answer and the roadmap for all of that

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