How can you be more successful?


How can you be more successful?

Start by bringing the world’s most successful advisors together around you to help you. And my old mentor and partner Marshall Goldsmith, one of the top coaches of all time, he’d be the first to come in as your client and tell you don’t rely on some outside guru to swoop in with some brilliant penetrating insight into you, is to just turn to the people who are around you every day, your friends, your family, your colleagues, you ask them what you can do to be more successful, what can you change, they’re going to have plenty of ideas for you.

There’s one other person who tends to have particularly cutting insight into you, you, if only you would step back and reflect a bit, I’ll tell you precisely what you can reflect on. One is your relationships. What kinds of relationships should be you build to be more successful? Are there certain relationships you should create more distance between yourself and others with? Do you want to enrich your relationships? In some ways? Maybe you want to build skills like listening skills, maybe you want to do things differently? Maybe you want to be a host of more gatherings at your home.

So thing 1 is relationships. thing 2, freedom. What can you do to bring more freedom into your life? And when you get that freedom, what’s your wave a wand scenario? What are you going to do about it? What are you going to do with that freedom? thing 3, appreciation.

What do you need to do to earn the appreciation, the recognition that you seek? Is it possible you’re already getting that recognition? But you’re missing it, you’re blinding you. Can you perhaps express more gratitude to others around you? So thing 3 to consider the third bucket is appreciation.

4th, and finally, is status. What do you want, that will give you the status you seek from others? Is it a kind of home? the certain kind of car? is it a title? the corner office? certain standing in your community? Get clear on that.

Now, once you’ve crystallized those things, that to you represent success, the success you are after, export that, get it out of your head, type it out, make printouts one for each day, that’s what I recommend, and as early in the day as you can focus on that list. That snapshot of success for you is going to help you figure out what to do with your day to bring success into your day to weave it into your day.

So for me, attentiveness to others is 1 thing, just one of many that I’m working on, I move quickly through my days a lot going on is very easy, unfortunately, for me to give short shrift to people I care about. So when I look at attentiveness to others, I reflect on yesterday and think what could I have done differently in my interaction with him? Or today? What can I do differently? And this interaction I’m going to have with Cheyenne, perhaps, probe a bit reflect, confirm, clarify, just make sure I catch myself if I’m not listening.

And I go through the list and do that. What’s that do? That gives me altitude? It elevates me from where I am, to where I want to be. This snapshot is how you live your vision. This snapshot is how you create your reality, a better reality. Right? This snapshot is not just you living the dream. It says far better. This is you living your dream. This is as real as it gets.

As you’re going through the snapshot each day, integrated into your life. So as you realize there’s someone you should call, put it on your call list. You realize there’s something you should do, recurrently daily, make a recurring reminder in your calendar hardwired, something you should get done added to your project plan or your task list. And so on so forth. That my friends, is next level thinking about bringing success into your life. I hope you found this helpful.

I’m Josh klenoff, founder of the Helm. Coming to you live doing what we do every day, which is obsessed about how we can break through all these ceilings that exists between where we are and where we want to get. Look forward to seeing you soon.

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